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Safety Advice

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When Buying Something

Initial Contact: Be sure to ask plenty of questions. Research the market value of an item to know if you are indeed getting a good deal. Limit personal information as well as the amount of information you share about yourself.

Meeting the Seller: ALWAYS meet in a public place, during the daytime when there are plenty of people around. Bring a friend with you. If it is a large item that you need to pick up and you must go to the seller’s home, let someone know where you are going and share the contact information you have of the seller.

Transactions: Always get a signed receipt of your purchase. Never give out your social security number or your credit card number to hold an item.

When Selling Something

Posting your Ad: Be descriptive and use photos with your ad. Be sure to describe your item accurately so that potential buyers know what to expect. Limit personal information. When posting, use an email address that does not give out your identity. If you use a cell number, its best to use a cell phone number rather than a landline.

Initial Contact: Be honest with your answers to questions about your item or service for sale. Limit personal information and do not disclose personally identifiable information such as where you are employed.

Meeting the Buyer

Classified transactions should be done locally. If someone offers a price over the asking price, most likely this could be a scam. Meet in a public place when possible. If your item for sale is too large and the buyer must pick up, let a neighbor know that potential buyers are coming to your house.

The Transaction

Do not accept personal checks, money wires, Western Union, or Moneygrams. Do not give out any personally identifiable information such as bank numbers or credit card numbers. Take payment in full. Always give a receipt for the purchase.[/ad_text_block_short_base][ad_text_block_short_base header_style=”regular” section_title_regular=”Items you can’t buy or sell on”]

Not Allowed on

Nothing illegal or unsafe can be listed to sell or buy on If you post a banned item, we will ask you to remove or we will remove ourselves. Here is a list of items restricted from

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Alcohol
  • Enhancing Drugs
  • Sex Toys
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Illegal Drugs or Prescription Goods
  • Fake, Replica, or Trademarked Items
  • Hate Organizations of Any Kind
  • Personal Information or Mailing Lists
  • Stolen Goods


You must be 18 years or older to add a classified on[/ad_text_block_short_base][/vc_column][/vc_row]